September’s Contest:

What does the following quote from the book “Your Two Sense Worth” mean to you?


“When the ends seems near, it’s often the beginning in disguise.”


Please submit your entry in order to possibly win a $25 Visa gift card to:


Every so often we will have a contest in order to get valuable feedback from the public.  Please know there will never be a fee for this along with the additional important terms and conditions stated as follows:

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The only official rules are that there is only one entry allowed per person and this must be submitted within the time frame that will be clearly stated beforehand.

The company name is Padgug Enterprises located in Jacksonville Florida 32256 in the USA with the website address: The winner will be decided on a subjective basis by the owner of Padgug Enterprises who will review the entries and determine which one he likes the best. Once this is done, either an email notice and/or a message via facebook will be sent to the winner within one week’s time of determination of who the winner is.  He or she then has one month to claim their prize which will be a $25 Visa gift card.  As long as the terms and conditions as stated above are met, there will be no cause for a disqualification to be imposed.