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Daniel Padgug

I have been asked several times how I came up with the 365 original thoughts, and when it all started. The short answer to both questions is that I really didn’t “try” (in most cases) to create any of them. They just “came to me” and I wrote them down. Regardless of your religious or non religious beliefs, from my perspective, they came from God and all I did was record them. The first one came to me when I was around 16 when I started to sign my girlfriend’s cards with: “Love will be yours, if yours will be love.” Since then (I am now 65) many many more have arrived, but I just didn’t bother to write them down. This all changed a few years ago and once I had 365 of them, I decided to publish and copyright a book.

Truth be told, though I am proud of the book, I’d much prefer to communicate these messages via my daily subscription service. To me, it’s kind of like ice cream……one scoop might be good…..a second maybe even better……but to try and eat a gallon in one setting can make you sick. Hopefully these daily thoughts/inspirations never make you sick, and though I don’t expect you to agree with all of them, at the least hopefully some of them will have a positive impact.

Please note we are currently expanding throughout the world and need affiliate marketers to help us expedite this mission.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in knowing the details, please have them contact us at: yourtwosenseworth@gmail.com  Thank you.

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